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Midnight Political Rants Pt.1

​You see, children have always wanted the world to be the way that they envision it. Little kids are always selfish and self-centered. Well, that attitude never truly goes away. When they reach adulthood, they become our millennials. They feel with all their heart that they are right. Take for example, a political party. They speak of good student governance, transparency, reaching out to students, and improvement of policies. All well and good, right? Now let’s compare other political parties. They promise the same thing, right? So now when all parties are all good, the way we rate our candidates is by judging their character. This is where running for service turns into running for power. Character assassinations, blackmails, rumors spread, social media backlash, and the power of influence. Now back to the millennials who are mostly liberals or on the left. They are so opportunistic to grab the moral high ground because it would automatically put their opponents in the wrong. It no longer becomes a question of who has the better way of doing things. It turns into who is right and who is wrong which is frankly how politics should not work.

Papa Rants

Hello! So I’m posting a political rant.

Disclaimer: This wasn’t made by me but by a friend that I view as a very good consultant when it comes to politics. This is his opinion and in no way is it pointing to any parties, local or not. Enjoy reading!



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