Friendship · Poetry

Spring Day Pt.2 (Fate)


Fate deals you a bad hand, sometimes. Others have Lady Luck.

I may look aloof (awkward)

Rambling, high pitched voice shaking

I just don’t know how to interact

I am talkative (I am silent)

Fall symbolized the beginning

The start a cold season

Yet fall made me meet you

Was I in luck? (I asked that question)

Winter was the end

But it began a tentative tie

I wonder (I doubt)

Would this last?

Spring will be here soon

Flowers will bloom, wind blowing cool

Sunny rain appears

Cherry blossoms start to fall

I hope (crossing fingers)

We’ll get closer as another cycle

Begins and ends

If you’ll accept me (my friend)

Lady Luck smiles at me (for once). I am grateful for this chance.



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