Friendship · Poetry

Spring Day Pt.1 (Loneliness)



Spring day has come, yet I feel cold

I do not know how

But you’ve somewhat become

A part of me

You’re important

Yet we’ve only talked a few times

How do I bridge that gap?

No matter how difficult

I’ll be here

We met in fall

It’s spring now

But I still feel cold

Loneliness is a disease

But silence is golden

If you need guidance,

I’ll be here.

You’re like the cherry blossoms in spring

Peace-bringers, lovely yet fleeting.

Let’s meet in spring

For you are sunshine

Bringing light to this grey world of mine.


This poem was made for someone that I had recently become friends with. She invited me to her debut and even gave me a chance to convey my gratefulness via being one of her 18 Poems. I was eternally honored and despite being the procrastinating human that I am, I managed to write two poems but I chose this one because it sounded better(?). I had helped from a friend who helped me chose.

To Jia:

Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for approaching me first because I suck at approaching people first and I am really awkward with new people. Thank you for inviting me to your house (The food was awesome). Thank you for talking to me and letting me ramble because God knows I am a nervous wreck when interacting with others (except for the people I have been friend with for some time and I don’t even know how I became friends with me). I really am truly grateful for everything (I mean it, really!). Your mom was really nice and I hope I get other chances to hang out with you and Jan, too (I like her but I’m scared and nervous when she’s around. I am an awkward being who doesn’t really know how to make new friends). I do hope that we become close friends although I don’t really know how to become good friends with you and Jan.

Seriously, thank you!


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