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Hello, again! If you had not read the small text on the far right side of your screen, then that’s good because I am horrible at this.

My name is Julia. I am an Applied Linguistics major who writes poetry and prose whenever inspiration hits me or whenever I feel like it (even if the results of these “I feel like it” moments end up being terribly cheesy). As of right now, I have a very beautiful muse although she does not know because (1) we just got to know each other and (2) I suck at confessing and socializing most of the time.

As you can see, I am terrible at this because this is my first blog (that I have been planning to make for sometime now but only had the guts to do at one in the morning and I am procrastinating).

You’ve probably noticed that I use the pen name “Starlight”. Why? It sounds whimsical and well, it’s one of the names of one of my precious fandoms (that’s a lot of “of”s) a.k.a the 별빛 fandom of the band, VIXX. It’s not really a description of myself, unless you count it being whimsical (because I do things my own way and base on my whims).

Anyways, if you have reached this part of the post, then I congratulate you for reading through this awkward intro. (Thank you for reading through this.)

Pleasant reading, my dear guest!


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